In our company, Palasino Group, a.s., we have firm commitments and responsibilities towards complying with Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws. We believe in the importance of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, and therefore, we have implemented strict procedures and control mechanisms to minimize the risk of these illegal activities. We collaborate with relevant regulatory bodies and authorities, actively monitoring the latest developments in the fight against money laundering. We regularly update our procedures to ensure compliance with current legal regulations.

Within our AML program, we carefully monitor and verify all transactions and accounts of our clients. The process of client identification and verification is a necessary step for us to minimize the risk of money laundering. We thoroughly analyze and assess transactions that may raise suspicion of illegal activities.

Our team is well-trained and fully informed about current laws and procedures. We receive regular education to maintain our expertise at the highest level and effectively respond to new threats and challenges. We enforce strong internal control and strict ethics within our company.

We expect all our employees and business partners to comply with all requirements in accordance with the AML law. Each member of our organization is obligated to report suspicious transactions or activities that may be associated with money laundering.

Through our firm commitment to complying with AML laws, we aim to contribute to the preservation of an integrated financial system and promote transparency and credibility in our business.

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