In our company Palasino Group, a.s., we strive to adhere to sustainable procedures and to minimize our environmental footprint. We believe that every small step contributes to a greener future. By combining innovative solutions and introducing new measures, we strive to actively contribute to a sustainable world. Here are some of the measures we have put in place in our company.

1. Water protection

It’s our policy to prioritize the conservation of water resources and their use.

2. Recycling

We are gradually implementing comprehensive recycling programmes at all our sites in order to further reduce the ratio of municipal to recycled waste. We have stopped using PET bottles for serving soft drinks and water. We also do not use disposable paper or plastic dishes. Digitalization of our processes helps us reduce the consumption of office paper.

3. Renewable energy

Although we are not a manufacturing company, we strive to gradually maximize the possibility of installing and using renewable resources within our buildings. Our commitment to the use of renewable energy is reflected in the implementation of energy audits. We install photovoltaic power plants with direct consumption with the maximum possible capacity on all our buildings. We use cogeneration units for heat and energy production. Residual energy recovery is implemented in all our plants. With other planned renewable energy projects and technologies, we want to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint.For one such project we received a grant from the European Union.

4. Electrification of the corporate fleet

We have taken up the call to move towards mobility with a reduced carbon footprint. We have added hybrid vehicles to our fleet and, according to market developments, we will continue to strive to reduce our emissions footprint by introducing alternative powertrains.

5. Equal treatment and non-discrimination

We strive consistently, while meeting the material and spiritual needs of each employee, to eliminate any manifestations of negative social behavior – gender discrimination, sexual orientation, bullying, xenophobia and racism. We ensure equal treatment for all employees and customers. This general obligation also applies to relations between employees and the conduct of managers towards their subordinates.

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